Chi Encourages You

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Sweet Chi is here to innocently encourage you while you are working hard all night to finish! Chi encourages you all night to "Keep going" and to finish. Chi doesn't really understand what she's encouraging you to do, she just knows that she needs to keep Hideki awake while he "studies." She tries to show him her new bow to keep him awake, she even shows him that she's not wearing any panties today. She's such a good girl that she's running the laundry so he can focus on finishing! How thoughtful! Chi crawls over to Hideki's books, and bent over she keeps cheering him on. You get a great view of her ass while she's bent over. Chi's just so cute while she's bent over and cheering for you that you just can't help yourself and you wind up "finishing". Chi is so proud of you! Chi tells you what a good job you did. Anytime you need help finishing, Chi will be here to help you. NOTE: Chi's Port, feeding tube, and ostomy are all visible at points throughout the video.

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