Summoning Lilith Goddess

Time: 00:45:26 Format: MP4, 1280x720 Size: 802.04 MB Uploaded: 11/30/2018
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Watch this ultimate long : BDSM/SWITCH, religious blasphemy , succubbus cosplay, SUB-DOMME, Futanari themed revenge clip ! If you like fantasy, cosplay and demonic creatures this is a must see piece ! Im wearing a very hot self made Lilith cosplay, and i used several special effects in this film!

In this clip im Goddess/Demoness Lilith who was summoned by a wizard , who wants to use her power. I start to convince the summoner to set me free, and ill seduce him with my body. Ill suck his dick, and letting him to use my holes as he wish . But he does not know its a trap, and i just casted a mind control spell while i let him t0rtu3 me ! Ill coerce him to do humiliating things before i take his soul with me to the Hell !

Youll see body worship (bristly pussy licking, nipple sucking POV) scenes, and after i grow out my huge demonic she-cock (futanari) ill train his throat and ass. Ill put clamps on your nipples and scrotum, and you have to eat my cum. :D

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