Zatanna House of Magic JOI & CEI MindFuck - 20 Min Edging

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"Enicidem rouy rof emit! It’s okay, you must be so confused... I’m going to help you, please try to stay calm ... You’ve been cursed.” You find yourself tied to a chair in a strange room. "It’s a powerful piece of magic but I think I know how to counteract this death spell - you need magic of life …. The very SEED of life” Zatanna seems like she's trying to help you, so you continue to listen. “You must consume the seed of life …. you must eat your own cum! I know it must seem strange, but there really is no other way and you don’t have much time. But I‘m here to help you.” Zatanna's hot body teases you as she gives you JOI and a countdown... but doesn't let you cum at first. “I’m sorry, but that was for your own good, you need to produce as much cum MAGIC, as you can." She finally tells you to “em rof muc" and "Into your hand" "Eat the seed, eat your cum, consume the seed of life”.... Hahaha... “You’re such a fool, how many times have we done this now? You’ve been here for days A simple memory charm on your balls is all it took. Did you really think you could just steal from the House of Mystery ... steal from me?" You're now my slave and will be forever .... well for as long as a man can survive on his own cum" "I have the most unimaginable uses for you ... my cumslut" You walk behind me out of view, you walk back into camera carrying a Strap on. "You walk toward the camera aiming the strap-on for my mouth, as Zatanna's memory charm takes effect again and everything fades to black.

  • Costume
  • cosplay
  • bondage
  • tattoos
  • role play
  • Witchcraft
  • cum eating instruction