Vain Business Woman's Live Food Order

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Mishel is a rich business woman who can have anything she wants. The scene opens with her sitting cross legged, nonchelantly dangling a high-heeled shoe from beautiful long leg and foot. She is perusing a very special menu from a very special take-out establishment. Her eyes finally settle on a beautiful, curvy girl who is exactly to her taste.

A short while later, her purchase has been delivered and is laying bound, gagged and belly down on the edge of her bed. She runs her hands and fingers over the girl's almost naked body to check the quality. She smiles and licks her lips approvingly as her fingers run over the girls back, butt, legs and feet. She parts her hair away from her face to reveal the girl's pretty, grimacing face.

Mishel likes to watch herself tasting and licking her purchases and has a mirror set up opposite the bed in front of her. She begins to run her long tongue over the length of her take-out's face as the girl screws her face in disgust at being tasted this way. Seeing herself do this while at that same time observing the discomfort of her victim seems to satisfy her immensely. Mishel's long wet tongue leaves no part untasted before she moves on to the girl's fingers, licking and sucking them one by one as the girl groans and whimpers. Next, she runs her tongue up and down the girl's beautiful belly tasting every inch of her beautiful skin. then she flips the girl over and begins to run her tongue up and down her butt cheeks taking the occasional playful bite before moving on to her dainty little feet and licking and sucking her toes smirking as she watches herself doing it as the girl continues to mumble and protest through her gag.

The camera then switches to POV mode and we get to see what the girl sees as she is slowly consumed whole by the ravenous business woman. Her huge mouth opens in front of you revealing a large dark throat and a long snaking tongue. Mishel sighs and moans with satisfaction as she consumes her prey until every bit of her is gone.

Finally, we see the smug woman sitting with a very full stomach, patting it and licking her lips with just the girls's underwear left on the bed, the girl herself being curled up inside Mishel's hungry belly.

  • damsel in distress
  • dangling