Worship My Shoes Little Loser!

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Worship My Shoes Down there, Little LoserWhat`s up, bitches? Princess Misha here and I`m going to make you worship my shiny high heels today. Just look at you down there, staring up at me groveling andbegging to kiss my shoe. I have my shiny black shoes on and since you want to worship my heels so badly I`m going to have you kiss them all over. Openup and stick this heel in your mouth. Don`t neglect the other heel and suck on that one, too! My perfectly sculpted body and the most beautifull face towers over you as you lick, kiss and suck my shoes. I have to be honest and admit that I love when you worship them . But remeber its ME here and only ME desiding where , how and when you can stroke and cum!