Android 18 Fucks You

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"I thought saiyans were supposed to be tough! But it didn't take much to kick your ass. How does it feel to get stomped by a girl?" Android 18 was sent here to destroy you, and she almost did but she decides to give you a chance to save yourself. She can either destroy you, or you can let her fuck you anyway she likes -she's heard that organic beings like you may be weak on the battlefield, but can be really fun in bed. Well, she may be an android, but she's still hot, so it doesn't take you anytime to agree! She strips in front of you, showing off her big tits and thick ass. You're already getting hard just watching her, so she tells you to take your pants off. She spreads her pussy lips to show you how wet she is before she slides onto your cock. Her tight, dripping pussy squeezes your cock, and it feels like heaven. Then she decides to ride you in reverse cowgirl, so you can watch her big booty bounce up and down on your dick. You don't know how much longer you can last when she tells you to get on top, but you pound her pussy and make her moan loudly. She cums hard, begging you to fill her pussy with jizz.

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