Our Values

Building an inclusive platform for all Stars and Users is our greatest goal, and we’re always working to improve it.

What we do

In Cosfans we share the goal of connecting Cosplay Stars and their unique content with Cosplay fans around the world. We are committed to offering the best online experience for the whole Cosplay community. For this, we have agreed on a set of values that will guide us, and our community through this process.

How we do it


    We are an honest, open, and communicative team that will stand by what we say.

    Honesty is the fundamental value for long term and strong business relationships.


    We encourage and empower Cosplay Stars to become leaders in their communities.

    We want to offer the best tools available to all stars so that they become successful entrepreneurs.


    Our team is always at your disposal and we’re always willing to make things easier for you.

    We work hard every day to improve ourselves professionally and use these improvements to benefit you and our users.


    We are a team of community builders, sex+ advocates and social media obsessives.

    We believe that good and optimal communication will always bring positive results.


    Our team is formed by a group of people from different nationalities, genders, sexual orientations and beliefs and this is what makes us strong as a team.

    We promote diversity and respect not only within our team, but within the entire community we’re creating with you.


    We use transparency as a tool to build accountability and trust with the community.

    We’ll always communicate clearly when any changes happen that affect our stars or users, including how, why, and when these changes are happening.

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